Steam協力マルチホラーゲーム『Macabre Museum』発表! 動き出した博物館から脱出しろ!


Different Monsterは協力型マルチホラーゲーム『Macabre Museum』を発表しました!








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Macabre Museum is a 1-4 player co-op adventure horror game. It’s late in the evening and the museum has closed. Play as one of four characters: an archaeologist, influencer, private investigator, and journalist who have all been locked in. Trapped together, you must navigate a terrifying tour through time as you venture into the now living exhibits, discover secrets from the past, and find a way to escape before you become ancient history.

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Open doors to new worlds in a place where the exhibitions are deadly.

Join a group of up to 4 players and keep your wits about you as you traverse through the rapidly changing environments of the museum.
Defend yourself against both man and monster; picking up tools, weapons, and items along the way. Unlock new skills, heighten your chances of survival, and escape the growing nightmare inside.

From historic environments to the museum’s claustrophobic halls, you never know what challenge or terror lurks around the corner.

Overcome the myriad of conundrums and puzzles that the museum thrusts upon you; unlocking new locations, gaining access to hidden areas, and discovering the motivations of the powers that be, as well as the stories left behind by those who came before.

Find your way through time and history as you visit scorching sands in Egyptian deserts, lush forests and overgrown Mesoamerican temples, trapped corridors of a Medieval castle under Siege, or the winding and twisting passages of a Grecian labyrinth.

Each playthrough is a new and terrifying story as you step into a different randomised combination of events.

Can YOU survive the night at the Macabre Museum?

  • First-person, 1-4 player co-op: The bigger your team the greater the challenge, so you’ll need to work together if you plan on leaving alive
  • A Vast Cast of Monsters: Venture out into other worlds to run, hide and fight against mummies, minotaurs, and demented kings, amongst other mythical and ancient beasts
  • Face the Swarm: Deadly piranhas, scarabs, giant spiders, and other pesky creatures all surround you to bring you to impending doom
  • Dastardly Puzzle Traps: Use your wits to escape flooding chambers, burning towers and more
  • Fatal Obstacle Courses: Ascend savage, booby-trapped cenotes, and evade the souls of the dead in the River Styx
  • Get Out: Collect crystals from each exhibit to breakout from the museum
  • Go Again: Deep replayability as each session has a randomised sequence of exhibits and events